Grade 5

British Columbia

what makes home home to me

Home is a place where I can fully relax. I never end up focusing on anything for a long time. One minute I will be cuddling my chickens, the next I will be making paper airplanes, and then I will be cuddling my chickens again. At home, I can talk about what I want without people telling me that what I am talking about is uninteresting. In the summer, I can let my chickens outside, and fall asleep on the lawn.
My chickens life story: my cousins decided to get chickens in late march, 2020. I decided that that was a good idea. I asked my dad if we could get chickens. After about a month my dad decided to get chickens. We started to make a chicken coop. When we were almost done constructing the chicken coop, we got eggs to hatch. Only three eggs hatched, and two of them were roosters, so we tried again. The next try was even worse and we only hatched two eggs, and one of them had hole in their stomach, so they fatally could not eat. When our older chickens were five weeks old, we brought the younger one to Kelowna! Our friends in Kelowna also got chickens, and they had too many, so they gave four to us. The people who gave them their chickens gave three to us, but only one survived. We now have six hens and zero roosters. (Sadly it’s against the law to have roosters where I live.) Home is also a comfortable shelter. I remember when we used to keep our chickens in our house. It was very comforting hearing them peep in the night. That sort of comfort is what makes home home to me.