Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

What Makes A House A Home

Your home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically and you can do whatever you want no matter what day or what time it is. No matter if it’s dancing around in your pajamas or just running around being crazy no one is there to give a funny look. Your home brings family and friends together, it’s somewhere where you can just be yourself.
Your home is one of the best places to bring people together and to make it a good time. If you don’t believe me look when you have a Christmas or family dinner or even just like a super bowl party everyone is there laughing and having a good time and even if it’s just someone coming over for a visit or just a friend coming over for a sleepover everyone is just happy and it’s always a fun time. And when whoever comes over you could always be yourself and no one will judge you.
At home you can always be yourself and no one there will judge you for whatever you’re doing. Whenever I’m out of the house I always feel like I can never be my real weird crazy self unless I’m with people I’m so close to. But when I’m at home I can do whatever I want and no one will judge me even if it’s having a dance party with myself or just making a funny video of myself that I will laugh about for hours after watching it and since my family are so used it they just don’t judge me and carry on with their day.
You are so lucky to have a home because lots of people in this world don’t have a home and they just live on the streets with no care.
I love my home.