Grade 6

South Woodslee

What makes a house a home

Many things make a house a home. Many people have different reasons on why a house is a home and mine are different to. Houses make happy because I know I’m safe there. It protects me from the weather. It keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also protects me of the big storms that we get. House isn’t a home if it doesn’t protect you. It keeps me comfortable. I know I can relax there. I can also have fun at my house. If you can’t hang out and have fun at your house it might not be a home.

A home is where you can come back after work or school and want to be there. It’s not a place where you would rather be somewhere else. You want to go home, but for some people they would rather not go home. A home is a place you sleep and you can rest. Home is a place where you energise for the real world. I think it’s the best place to be, but for others it’s not. A home is more than 4 walls and a roof with appliances it’s your home and a home is more than that. It protects you. Lot’s of things make a house a home.