Grade 6

New Hamburg

What Makes A House A Home.

What makes a house a home? Well a house has walls, floors, and a roof of course. But what is a home?

A house can be anywhere, but a home is created by the memories and people who live in the house. They can comfort you, and can count on you. Those people are family. Creating a home is like a chemistry project. You add the structure, furniture, and decorations into a beaker, but there’s still that main ingredient missing- which is family. You can’t create a home without the people who live in it.

A home should make you feel safe. Some places around the world, people have to feel that at any moment there’s going to be a bomb dropping on your roof or a major battle in front of your house. Your stomach has butterflies flapping their wings boldly, and suddenly a tidal wave of emotions just hit you- you shouldn’t feel that way in a home.

Some people who are a different race, live in their homes fearing what someone might do because of their race. Thinking about the “what if’s” What if someone tries to hurt me, what if someone kidnaps me, what if? No one should have to think that, especially in their home.

Across the world there are charities and fundraisers that are donating money to help people have a home and feel safe. When I see someone who’s homeless, it just shatters my heart. I know how fortunate my family is, and I’m extremely grateful for my home.

I’ve dreamed of a world where race didn’t matter, gender equality, no such thing as normal, and for everyone in the world to have a safe place to call home.