Grade 6


What Makes a House a Home

A home is a place where your family will greet you. For example you walk home from school. You walk in the door and they say hello how was school today. Because they are your family and they love talking to you.

Home is a place you will and always feel comfortable. You have all of your stuff that means things to you. Your family is there to help with making you feel comfortable. You should always be comfortable.

Home is a place where you can have your own time too. Whether its sleeping, or gaming. It’s your time so you choose. Point being in your home you do what you want. Because your you and don’t change that.

Whenever your scared or feeling sad you should probably walk away. If you can’t. then if your allowed to then go home. Your family will help you. My suggestions is to go in your room and relax. To help go on youtube and search beats while studying. They’re probably live streaming and they’re just playing calm music. You are always welcome in your home.