Grade 6


What Makes a House a Home

In my opinion home is a place to feel safe and you having the ability to do whatever, whenever you want. You can do whatever you please like Installing a slide on your roof, bouncing on a giant trampoline for hours, or sleeping in as long as you possibly can.

Home is a place to let all of your joy, sadness, frustration, anger and whatever else on the comfort of your bed or couch watching a movie late at night. Home is a place where you can achieve all of your personal goals that feel very rewarding and you can take yourself for a treat! Home is a place where you can invite people over and adopt your own pets without anyone telling you, you can’t.

Home is a special place where you can feel loved, cared for and to love back. Home is a place to be alone or with company if you want. Home is a place controlled by you and only you. At home you could play all day with your dog or cat with the piles of fun toys keeping them and you entertained for hours. Home is a place you can sit down and think without anybody waiting for you. Home is a place you can hold a stance and punch the air or kick out your foot like a ninja or you can roll across the floor and their is no one there to judge you being, yourself.

Home is a place of purity to your soul you can design it however, wherever, whenever. After all the bad, the negative, the happiness, and the joy, after all. You have a special place to do whatever you want. You have a house, but what truly makes that 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, two story house you have so special is that you molded it into something you’re proud of, you made it a home. This is what home means to me.