Grade 6


What makes a house a home

In my house I feel like it’s a home my family makes me safe and comfy and when i’m at home i feel where I belong.I feel comfy is at an warm spot or when i’m near my family.I am safe with my family because they protect me.

We also eat meals together as a family and we chat together. We eat meals on holidays and birthdays we always eat an big feast.we chat together on the couch near the campfire we also chat at movies.

Another thing that makes an house an home is memories because we have a lot of memories cherished in it in it. I remember the good and bad times we had and how we did a lot of stuff in it . One of my memories are how we laughed together.

We laugh together at a lot of things.An example movies we also laugh when were with each other.We also laugh with friends.

I love my home because it’s quiet . it makes me relax without it i would be homeless and freezing.This is how i feel when i’m at home.