Grade 6


What Makes A House A Home

Home is very important in our lives. And there are reasons why. Here are some. The first example is home is where we grew up. We got raised and grew up at home and that is memories and you should always have memories. And that takes me to my 2nd reason. Memories.

Memories holds a family together. If we didn’t have memories, families might not exist. Because memories are so important to families. In most memories, you are being yourself. That brings me to my final reason. Last but not least. Be Yourselves.

You know sometimes you be yourself in public, and people laugh at you or judge you? Well, at home, no one will judge you. Because you are not in public. You are only with family. And family never judges you.

Well that is how a house is a home to you. You grew up there, You have memories there, And you can be yourself at home. Home is our life. Nothing can replace home.