Grade 5

Halfmoon Bay
British Columbia

What Makes a Home Feel Like A Home

Home is more than a house. When I think of home I think of the place where I live, sleep, play. I have a room, a bathroom, a place to eat. My gerbils, dog and parents live there.

Home is a safety. My home feels safe and cozy. It is horrible that some people don’t have home. Everybody should have a safe place they call home.

Home is a feeling. Thinking about my home makes me smile. “Make yourself at home,” means “try to make yourself feel comfortable like you would feel in your own home.” It is possible to “feel at home” in a place that isn’t a home, when you feel safe and comfortable.

Home is where you make memories. Like playing with your dog or eating your ham and cheese sandwich or giving your mom a hug, or jumping on the trampoline. When I am older, I will think of all the things I did at my childhood home. All of the memories make me happy.

Home is a place. Home can be the city you live in. It is the place where you go to the park with your dad. So you call that city your home. Home can be where you go camping and sleep under the stars. A home is a place with people and things you love. It is a place where you live and spend your time.

Home is love. Memories and family, pets and even inanimate objects. You can share a home with a person and when you think about home you think about the people you spent time with there.

A home has meaning. A house is a shell. A home is love, comfort, safety, memories. These are what make a home a home and why I love my home.