Grade 5

St. Albert

What Makes a Home a Home to Me?

A home is a place that comforters me and makes me happy. A place with foyer walls, a roof, and windows so people can’t come in. A place with love and cheer. A home has friends and family that bring you up when you’re down. All the pictures in my home fill me and my family with goy and cheer.

How do I feel when I enter my home?I feel happy and joyful because I have so much I can do but I normally Go to room with a snack and searchly look for my phone and go on it and find something to do.

How does my home make me feel better?When my dog goes on the couch with me it makes my day and when I get off he gets off and follows me around the house when I go in the pantry he expects a dog treat so I give him one. It makes him happy and makes me feel good too.