Grade 4

British Columbia

What makes a home a home?

A house is a place with walls, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a roof. A home is different from a house. A home is a place that you can feel comfortable and you have it set up the way you like it .You feel different in a home because you have things that make you feel comfortable like toys or furniture and maybe the way it smells. My home is special because I have things that make it feel nice. I like my room clean- not messy- and my desk has a lot of the things that make me feel comfortable, I also like to watch TV. Another thing that makes me feel comfortable is the look of my house or when you have a special thing Other people live on the streets left with no money begging to get just a little money so they can get food they don’t even have a house to live in and we do and we do have a house so just a tiny bit of help would probably get them going so help people that don’t have much. And people might get a new beginning in life .So be nice and give! To people who don’t have much and it will make them happy that your helping them.