Grade 6


What Makes a Home a Home

When I moved to Winnipeg from Toronto I was young. I remember feeling nervous but also happy. I had close friends in Toronto so it was hard leaving them but I knew I would be able to see them again. It was also hard leaving my old house, but I had my family with me so it made it easier to move. When my parents show me pictures or tell my stories about my old house, I remember being there and making good memories.

It’s hard for the families to move. Some families might be moving to a very different place and it would be hard trying to learn a new language. If you move to a place with a different climate than where you came from, it might be hard to get used to the new climate.

I feel that your home can be your safe place. It should be a place where you can let out your emotions and talk about anything. To me a home can be anywhere as long as you are with your family. It doesn’t matter where your house is located it matters who you’re with and that is what makes it a home.