Grade 6


What Love Can Do!

What Love Can Do!

I was just an average looking house that was getting kind of old
Lots of families lived in me until the last time I was sold

It was 2001 when the For Sale sign appeared
And a man in a Rogers van stopped in front of me and peered

He came back that night in his red pickup truck
His wife looked at me and said “oh what luck!”

“This house is exactly what we’ve been looking for”
And they walked up my steps and knocked on my door.

They became my new owners and worked on me very hard
They fixed my roof, bought new windows and cleaned up the yard

For the next few years I looked better than I ever had
But something was missing and it made me kind of sad

Until one day I heard some very loud cries
My owners and two babies had just arrived

All the noise and fun made me never feel alone
Love and happiness makes a house into a home!