Grade 6


What it means to have a home

What does it mean to have a home? The tangible meaning to have a home is- well, a house. But what does it mean to have a home?

A home is an accepting, loving and caring place where you can feel the warmth just standing outside the door. A place where you can always look forward to going to after a tiring day. If you dread going home, to a house where abuse and punishment beat out the love that should bloom, than that is not your home.

Your home may not always be the place you might expect it to be. It may be the house of a friend, or a grandparent. It may even be a school, but your home should be the place where you can let the waters of stress spill out on the floor like a waterfall. Where judgement and abuse are like satan trying to live in heaven, it doesn’t work.

Your home should be the place where the greatest lifetime memories are made and stored. It should be the place where singing, crying and leaping with joy are not scolded, but encouraged, and the place that your emotions shouldn’t end up like a shaken up pop can- exploded everywhere.

And it’s not only the place of love but a place of discipline. It is out of love, and helps make us the people who we are today, and who we will be in the future. Where the most valuable life lessons are learnt and kept, and where actions well meant are acted upon.

You can be alone in an apartment, with your lover in a house, or with all of your family and friends. No matter what it is still your home. No matter how many houses, apartments, or shelters you move into, they will all and always be your homes in your heart.

In conclusion, anywhere can be your home, no matter what the circumstances.