Grade 4


What it Means to Have a Home…

Many of us have homes, but just think about how some people don’t. At home we all have lots of things, like a bed, family, water, food, clothing and comfort. There are lots of things that we have and that’s great, but we need to remember that can shouldn’t take our houses for granted. There are many types of houses, like homes, apartments, cabins, and many more. What they have in common is you have a roof above your head, the comfort of your bed and shelter from rain, snow and wind. Homeless people have nowhere to go to, nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat. Some homeless people may die because of the weather, they are attacked by strangers or starve from hunger. This is not right. We can all do our part and all give money to the poor, share some of the spare change in our pocket or just willingly give anything to those in need. It will make you feel great when you give and just see how happy they are with just $1. I believe that just one good deed can change the world.