Grade 6


what it means to be homeless

Get up. I’m serious, get up right now and look around. Where are you, are you in your bedroom, your living room, your dining room. Now really look at your surroundings, notice everything from your couch or bed to your book or poster. You’re also on this meet, which means you are using your computer or tablet and wifi. Look at everything you have. Now imagine it all being taken away. hard to imagine hey, but this is the brutal reality that hundreds faced when covid 19 hit and their lives changed forever. In case you didn’t catch it, I’m talking about homlesness. And now you need to start talking about it too.
Let’s talk about disappointment, think about the worst thing covid 19 made you miss. think about how annoying your sibling has become. But while you guys are arguing over what movie to watch, other kids are wondering if they are going to get to eat that day. And the only place they know to take refuge is a virus hotspot. So if shelters are infected and no one is leaving their homes to help out in places like soup kitchens, what impact does this have on the people that rely on these places. After getting laid off lots of people have to face this everyday. But at the end of a dark tunnel there is always a spark of light. The government decided that with shelters being a covid suction, they needed a solution now more than ever. So when i read in my article that the government is now housing homeless people in spare hotel rooms makes me grateful, but it also makes me a little bit mad. Think about it, it took a pandemic to open our governments eyes to how the real world works. And i hate to be the one that’s bursts your bubble, but if you’re still living in the world you want to live in instead of the world that’s around you, it’s time to get an alarm clock because we need to wake up and try and think about the people who are out on the streets because they have nowhere else to go. Though getting laid off isn’t the only reason that there are people on the streets. Many people have suffered mental health issues coinciding with the pandemic and it’s caused them to make rash decisions. These can include not feeling safe at home after coming out as LGBTQ2+. Sometimes we just need to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you. It revolves around all of us. And as the human race, we have to help each other out when others have fallen on hard times. If your best friend was suffering on the street wouldn’t you want to help them. These people need our help and we’re the only who can give them the help they need. So at least try and think about them. I have a bit of a project for all of you, it’s not something that you have to do everyday but i want you to make someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be a homeless person
Just someone you want to help. And you can do it however you choose. You can mail a card to grandparents or you can go on a walk with your friend, or you can make dinner for your family. Trust me just try it. Now i want you to get up again, look around what do you see, i would hope after this you would see how privileged and lucky you are. And now I hope that when you look in the mirror, the person looking back at you is the person who is going to make a better world. It’s time to be that person because we are going to need each and everyone of you.
Thank you