Grade 5

British Columbia

what it feels like to not have a home

What it feels like to not have a home. You see I know what it feels like to not have a home because a few years ago when I was born in China, my family did not have a home! But my dad’s aunt was nice enough to let us live with her because my dad’s grand parents lived in a different country and my mom’s grand parents lived 7 hours away. We did not have a car and my dad’s aunt had a car, but she had surgery. We had a motorcycle, but I was to young to ride. It When I was 2 years old my family and I went on 2 airplane one of them was 9 hours and 2 hours and 30 minute airplane and a 30-minute taxi ride it took 12 hours plus the taxi ride to get here and we found another home that we can pay rent and when we got the my dad said he made a small we were relying on his business. He made enough money to buy my mom and himself a car and then we moved to Campbell river. It took us 45 minute to get there and found another house to pay rent and my dads business was one of the biggest business in town And the house we pay the to stay there rent we stayed there for 8 years then in July we bought a new home a nice big home. What does home feel like to me? Well home is like being at school because I can play with my friends. And hang out with them and talk and my brother also reminds me of home because I like to play with me. Brother, we also play physical activity that’s makes me feel at home. Watching tv with my brother and my family sometimes next to my cozy fireplace its as cozy as my heart. Me and my brother also like to play video games with some of are friends! And eating with my family even with my dad’s roommates I always say, you do not need the same blood to be family. That’s what makes me feel at home also what makes me feel at home is watching tv with my brother next to a cozy fireplace. My fire place is as cozy as my heart. And being with my whole family to watch a movie, that is what makes me feel at home.