Grade 5


What is Your Home

Home is the place where we live or where we did live to some people home is just a house but well it’s not just house, well home can be lots of things, to some people home can be the whole earth or it can be the country you were born in, or where you grew up, etc, ever since COVID19 started your home turned to a classroom, a workplace, an office, a gym, etc. But what home means to me is, a home is a place where people spend time with family and friends and a place where people help others get back up when they fall down, where people feel comfortable and at home, it’s where people respect each other’s culture and differences, and where nobody hurts anyone. so this is why I’m writing this poem so people without homes can get one and so they can get all these things I think home should be like. So this is the end of my poem. I hope you all like it even though it does not rhyme.