Grade 5

Richmond HIll

What is the Meaning of Home?

You will occasionally hear the word “home” every once in a while, but what exactly is a home?

A home is a place where you feel safe, protected, loved, and peaceful. When you are protected from invaders, you feel protected and not feeling like you are going to get raided. Modern defense systems exist, so you may be protected if you have locked doors and pass codes. You are also looking protected from elements like natural disasters that can easily blow away your house. It should also sound calm, with no screaming, bad words and no verbal abuse. If you are the owner of the house, you should feel peaceful, with no anxiety or violence. However, not all homes achieve these things, making them vulnerable to intruders, and not feeling calm and peaceful.

Living in a home is also something to consider. A home has to be suitable for conditions needed for the owner to survive. A home has to also be likable, meaning that the owner favors the house and wasn’t actually forced to buy it. The house also has to be comfortable, meaning that it isn’t rough and won’t hurt easily. A house can be any size too, as long as the owner likes it and is comfortable.

Resources are also important to an owner as it allows them to survive. Basic resources include food, water, and tools. Food is an important resource as it allows us to eat, but water is more important. We have to drink water, either boiled or bottled water to survive as 60% of our body’s’ weight comes from water. There are also unnecessary resources, but we only use them to our entertainment. In conclusion, a home has to be safe, likable, and resourceful.