Grade 6


What is the Meaning of Home to Me?

What is the meaning of home?

Home is not a place but a feeling.
A feeling that you are safe,comfortable
and that you matter in the world

A home is with loved ones with peace
and harmony. Where you can express
your emotions and where you can stretch
to the fullest.

Home units you and your loved ones.
It is where you laugh,sing and listen
to each other.
It is what matters in life.

It is a feeling like your happiness will never

Home is like your heart.
It will always be with you through life,hell
and heaven. Home is a feeling you
Should cherise with all your heart.
because the feeling of home is
not an advantage but a privilege.
Home is where dreams happen

Home is a feeling you will never
Forget because your home is
your heart and your heart
Is You.

A life without a home is not a life at all.