Grade 4

New Brunswick

What Is The Meaning Of Home?

I have been asked “What is home to me?”? Home to me means many things. Home to me is memories, family and friends. There are many reasons I thought this. So here are the reasons I thought home were these things.

Lots of my life has happened at home. Like the time I built my favourite Lego set. Also me and my family have lived there since I was one. Also, most of my life has been spent there.

Me and my family live there. Its pretty memorable living there. We all love our home. Its been my home since I was 1. The rest of my family comes over for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other stuff.

I have birthday party’s at home. My friends always come. No matter how many I invite, most of them come. One of my best friends came over for a sleepover twice. We laughed so many times. Many of my friends have come over.

I know where my room is and everything inside it. That’s impressive for me. The address is so memorable. I’ve seen it every day of my life. This concludes the reasons my house is my home.