Grade 4


what is the meaning of home

What is the meaning of home

Home is where the heart is. Home is like we have the confort it feels like the heaven of the seven skies you can play almost anything you want with the condition of your parents.

Home is a place that matters. it is not a house or just a building it is where your life needs to be. it is so important that without a home you can not have a easy life. If you were with a home life would be so easy that you don’t need energy to find the comfort of the house. but the home is still better than a house you sleep there you play there you live there home is like where you spend your whole life in no matter how bad it is it still looks good. Home is better than a party it is a heavenly party which it means that you can never run from a home.

The home is where the heart is it can do some tricks such as the love of the heart. but the home you can play with your family and be safe with them. Home makes me feel at the top of the world. even if i am low at the world the world still adores you as much as you love your family. the time where you love your family more than you think of them. Sadly sometimes you have to move from house to house and you would miss all those memories. so it will be very sad to give up or sell your home some people don’t even have the homes that we had a long time before. Sometimes your dad and mom don’t care about. The house is a lot more different stuff.

The house is not a home it is a place of the strangers it is more than hell but the house is just above us home is the best it is just 10x above the house we were talking about the house is like having a party at your friends house but it is a lot more difficult trying or fighting for shelter the time where you met your family you where the size of a small baby I loved my parents . You are not allowed to go to a random house without back to the time when you met your parents at the first home you had but the more you move the new more house you would get the good news from that house it is the time to move because your dad needs to make the job or there are to much delays or the house is the only one available and it is so close to your job or it is closer to your school or is very loved i am glad i have a school and a home better.