Grade 5


What is the Meaning of Home?

The Meaning of Home
Imagine if you don’t have a home or you don’t even feel safe at home. I am so lucky I have a roof over my head and I don’t have to worry about not feeling safe at home. Some people take for granted having a roof over their head. So people that have a roof over their head feel unlucky because they just want more and more.

I have a lot of reasons about the meaning of home to me. Home to me is where people love and care about you, a place where you feel safe. Another couple reasons is a place where I matter and also my family loves me so much including my two sisters, my dog Hattie, also my parents.

Another couple of reasons why I don’t take home for granted is because it’s a place where I can ask for help. A place where I am warm and a place where I have the most fun. A place where I feel happy and I also have a roof over my head. These are all the reasons why home means so much to me.