Grade 5


What is the Meaning of Home?

The Earth is the planet that we as humans have inhabited as a home but even before that, it was home to animals of all different species. Our home is being affected by the way people treat it. Home is the place that makes us feel safe but home isn’t just where you feel safe but it’s also where the people who love you will be around you. We are ruining it by taking advantage of it which is also affecting the animals homes. If there was no more earth, we wouldn’t have anywhere to go or live.

Home can be with the people you live with. It doesn’t have to include family members. It just has to be with the people you love and care about. It only has to be with the people that make you feel safe and happy. Home for me means having the people that love me and make me happy in it and that all that matters.

If I were an animal, I would still have a family. The only thing is, all homes that are built and made by animals are differently used. By preserving the animals and their homes we can also help preserve the earth to. If we were to be in the shoes of an animal, we would experience the hard life of any animal. So to know that by helping the earth, we would be helping the wellbeing of all animals, their homes, our homes and our lives now and into the future.

People leave garbage all over city’s and that garbage builds up. Soon, all that comes through rivers, lakes, streams or ponds would be garbage. When things like trash build up, it leaves you with mountain loads. It isn’t enough to just recycle, but if you see garbage lying around, you have to do something about it. If someone drops something on the ground, make it you job to clean it up if they refuse to. Do your job and help us all.