Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What is the meaning of Home?

What is the meaning of Home? Some people think it’s just a house, some people think it’s just a building but I think it’s more than that. A Home should be a loving community where you feel comfortable being yourself. The Home you have is more than you could ever wish for but some people don’t notice that. A Home is not a building a Home is where your loved ones are. A Home could be anywhere in the world like your classroom, maybe your kitchen, it could be your relatives home, a Home is wherever you feel happy. The feeling when you had a really long day and all you wanted to do was go home because home is a relaxing place. Lately my home hasn’t felt like home because my mom and dad keep on arguing about who knows what. My dad is leaving to work so that’s another reason why it hasn’t felt like home but i still have my other family members so I’m still grateful for them. I know that he wants to be there so that makes me happy. This is the meaning of home to me and I hope you like my essay.