Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

What is the meaning of home?

For me, home can mean from a country to my house. Of course, if it’s familiar to me. I’m going to give you an example; let’s say I went France for a vacation, when the vacation is finished, I will say to my friends “Bye I’m going home” home meaning Canada. What if I just went downtown then “home” in “Let’s go home” would mean my house. So, what I’ve been trying to explain to you is that home for me depends on where I am located. However, I can have several homes if it’s familiar to me. Like for an example; my grandparent’s house since I go there every summer it’s familiar to me.

But always the most important home to me would be the one I presently live in because it is the place I spend the most time whether I sleep or do homework anything I do it in my house. Also, it is very important to me. Also, home is a place here I have fun and relax well, most of the time! It’s a place I will always come back to…

And never forget. Why could I never forget my home? Because, well so many important even happen there that I just can’t forget. Whether they are happy or sad. Finally, home is as well the place I am raised.

In conclusion, for me home’s meaning for me depends on where I am located, it is the place I spend the most of my time and I could never forget it. This is what home means to me.