Grade 5

richmond hill

What is the meaning of home

Who doesn’t like home? Homes are where we live, and it is what we adore most( usually). Here are some things that a good home has.
Firstly, you’re home needs to be lively. One example of being lively is being comfortable. You wouldn’t live in an uncomfortable house( unless necessary). Some people like big houses, and some people like small ones. The size matters. If it’s too big, you might get lost, but if it’s too small,there might not be enough space. You also have to have a likeable house (unless you can’t) , why would like to live in a fridge in the middle of the ocean?
Another thing is to be safe, that includes feeling safe, looking safe, and sounding safe. What it is to feel safe is to feel peaceful. If it’s not peaceful, there might be violence, and possibly anxiety. It should sound calm, or there might be screaming and/ or abusive language. It should look like protection, specifically protection from the elements. That’s why your house needs to look/feel/sound safe.
A home should have resources(why shouldn’t it?) and those resources should be necessary. One of those resources should be food, fresh, not poisonous food, so you can live. Water is also vital, clean, purified water is best, and if there was no water, we would be succumbed from dehydration. Finally we need tools, such as a knife, or maybe an axe, and those tools would be for cutting things, and/ or protection. Resources are important in many ways, including these reasons.
These are essential things for a home that we can actually live in for a long time, and enjoy. We love our homes, and homes are complicated.