Jayden Mark

Grade 5

British Columbia

What is the meaning of home?

It all started when you first opened that door. That first time you started to walk, the first time you said your first word, That time when you were growing up. You know something similar? They were all in your home. You know, homes are just like a safe. They store all your memories and keep it there. Your home is just like a bank. It stores valuables inside of the vault and keeps it there for eternity. When you think about a memory, you are just depositing out memories. Some people don’t know how it feels to have a home. They don’t know how good it feels, how warm, how fun. Some people just look at a home and wish that they had one too. Homes should be free for all. Not only for the homeless, but for the ones that need a better home. Homes are good. If you never had one you would be suffering out in the open, begging to have a home. Be grateful you have a splendid home, you will never know what will happen to it. And to the homeless, keep trying. You will get a wonderful home where you will refresh your memories.