Grade 4


What is the importance of having a home?

Some of the most important things about having a home for me are the safety and the security that my home provides for me. Knowing that there is always food for me and that I have somewhere to sleep and be warm and nice and cosy. Also, home is a place where you can just be yourself and express your true feelings and emotions with out worrying that someone is judging you. Also, your home is a place to get together with family and friends!

A home is a very nice place to make memories and have fun with your family and friends. At home I feel good because I know that I am safe and protected. My home allows me to take a nice warm shower and get ready for school every day of the year. Also, a home can provide you personal space and comfort all the time. Every kid deserves a safe and happy home. Every kid deserves a nice and safe bed that they can sleep in and not have to worry.