Grade 4


What Is It Like To Have A Home

What’s a home like??? A home is a place surrounded by love and being protected by a roof on your head and a person who’s always by your side no matter what.
To have a home it’s amazing! A roof over your head, A heater, Some food  at least every day, and a warm fluffy pillow for goodnight sleep! That’s what it’s like to have a home.
Someone is always by your side and they will always help you growing up. All those people who are always by your side no matter what race, skin color, and appearance you are.  No guns and just only peace and love that surrounds your house.
Those specific people will always help you and help you grow to be a very good person in life.    When you help a poor person they have chance to be inspired by you to be a good person in life if you help them.
A single dollar donated to charity can give a poor family a home. Those specific people will feel the same way I do for what it’s like to have a home.