Grade 5

British Columbia

What is Home’s Purpose

Home is being with family
Home is having two houses
Home is playing with all my pets
What is home.When I’m home I feel safe.I’m surrounded with people I can trust, people I know love me and I love them. I love my family because they are so different from each other. At my moms house we live in a three story house.But at my dads house we live in a one story house. My moms house I don’t have my own pet. But my dad’s I have 2 pets that are mine.My mom has a big warm house. But my dad has a small cozy house. My mom is always baking well and my dad is cooking. My mom and dad are not the same, they are different from each other. I love talking about my parents but here is a bit about my sister.My sister name is Megan she is 12 years old.I only have one sister she is older than me. But she is so nice but we don’t always get along.I love my family so much. I have 10 pets, six chickens, 3 cats and 1 hamster.Outside of my house is still different,my mom has a big yard and a small shed.And my dad has a small yard with so many trees. In the summer my mom’s house is so hot,and my dad’s house the sun shines so bright through the windows.Now people think having two houses is bad but it’s not,it’s kinda cool.And that’s both my houses.

Happy with family