Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What is home to you?

What is home?
Home for me is a place where I can be safe and have fun
A place where I can tell my siblings that i’m done
To cook and bake with my mother
And to annoy my brother
To craft and laugh
To safely do my own things

My mother and father help me with things
And I help my siblings
My father builds the fire in the fireplace
So our home is not cold
And I praise my big brother because he’s bold
My siblings make me happy
Even if they make me snappy
My family raises me when i’m down
They help me through everything

I remember sleeping in the backyard
In a tent with my friends and having a hard time getting in the tent
last summer my family and I roasted marshmallows on the deck
Then staying up till 1:00 i was such a wreck

I have a lot of good memories of my home I wish everyone could have a home like mine
Where they can be fine and shine
So the people aren’t cold or hot
They are just the right temperature so they aren’t in a spot

A home is not a house it’s not even a place it’s where the people and the things you love are.

So I want to ask you what is home to you?
Cause to me my home is awesome so I hope yours is too