Grade 5


What Is Home To You?

What Is Home to You?

Every day Avery sat in her room, in her Grandma’s rocking chair after dinner. She was thinking about Lily, her best friend and next door neighbour. Lily’s family was having difficulty paying taxes, gas and rent. Lilly’s troubles were unfortunate. Her mom and dad weren’t getting along and her brothers were fighting a lot. Lilly wondered how her life could be better if her parents could have more money. That night Avery’s mom told her how lucky Lilly is to have parents that love her. A home is much more than just walls and a roof, what counts is on the inside. It could be a family pet, games, toys and your family memories. Home is every single night dreaming what you want to dream. Although times are tough for Lilly and her family, they have the values you need to keep a home and family together. Values like hard work, going to school and loving one another.