Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What is home to you?

Home what is it? Is it just a place to sleep, eat, stay or just go in during unwanted weather? Or is it and place that comforts you and shows you that your not alone? Well this is a bit about of what home is for me.

Home is a place you cherish and be cherished by everyone who enters it. A home is somewhere you can spend time with loved ones or even just get away from all the negativity. Something you enjoy like, curl up on a couch or listening to music because home is a place to not fear and not be judged in anyway possible.

Some homes have wars and others do not but just knowing that some people don’t have homes and live on the streets shows really how important a home is and how lucky we are to have one.

Sometimes we forget how much we actually have because there are people who are trying to survive or have survived and it is unfortunate having nowhere to eat, sleep, stay warm and make memories and sooner or later feeling no hope after so long of waiting. The thing is everyone has a story and there is a reason for everything and maybe just appreciating what you got can help as well.

I hope this can help or show you how grateful people would be to just have anything close to a home and the meaning of home.

¨Home is where love resides and memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends¨.