Grade 5


What is Home to you?

What is home to you?

Some will say a house is just a house,
But what if you didn’t have a house?
That is a different story.

You don’t think about how lucky you are.
Home is not just walls and a roof.
Home is a place that you live, eat and sleep at.
Home is safe and special, it is everything you love.

Do you think everyone deserves a home?
Well if there is a way to give $10 to someone just by writing
I would say do it!

Just my class alone can raise $270 for writing.
That is what anyone would like, so help a family out.

To me a home is a thing that can change a life. It is the best thing ever. Also home is not just your house. It is your friends, family and your community. So maybe you can help a friend or family member that does not have a house. But if all your friends or family are good there’s a chance that someone in your community can get a house.