Grade 5


What Is Home To Me

What am I thankful for at home
Something I’ve always took for granite is a roof over my head. I have never thought about all the people without a roof over their head. And my bed every night I go home and crawl into my nice cozy bed without thinking of all the people who don’t even have a place to sleep that isn’t in a cardboard box or on a sidewalk. Tech I’ve always been thankful for tech. And without my home I would not be able to play some of my tech games.

My Family
I love my parents and brothers even though sometimes they can get on my nerves. But they are always there for me. And they will always love me. I have a dog named Baxter and whenever I’m sitting on the couch watching TV he always comes over and sits right beside me, and wants me to pet him and I always do because he’s so soft. And when I was little maybe 2 or 3 we traded houses with my grandma because she had I bigger house and she said “I don’t need all this room. But you guys will.” She said. Then like after a couple days of packing we were finally ready to trade homes.

Something I’ve always remembered was my little brother being born we were all so happy when he was born lots of people came to see him. Then around a year later on his first birthday we made him a mickey mouse. cake we gave him a dark ear then we let him eat it with his bare hands and he was a mess let me tell you. Then everyone was laughing their heads off.