Grade 4

British Columbia

What is Home to Me?

What is Home to Me?

When I think of the word home I think of my home. When I see someone playing with a hound

dog it makes me think of my dog. When I see someone wanting a snake it makes me think of

my three snakes. I like watching my bearded dragon eat his crickets. When I think about my

animals it makes me feel not alone. When I play video games with Alan it makes me feel calm.

My home makes me feel happy. I love to hang out with my mom. My mom makes me feel safe.

I love to watch movies with my mom. When I think of all the poor animals out there that need

help I want to do something about it to make Wildlife even better. When I think about the holidays

I love thinking about my favourite holidays. I spend the holidays with my family. My home is my

favourite place to spend time.