Grade 5

British Columbia

What is home to me?

What does home mean to you? To me, home is a place where your family gives you comfort. Comfort means that your family is here for me, and that they comfort and support me and care for me.

A home means taking care of each other, because me and my family are a family, and we have each other’s backs. Another word for home is having fun. Having fun is a part of life, and having fun is a wonderful feeling, I feel very happy, and that matters. Of course my home is your family. My family is very important, because my family is your life and that will never change. Our safety is very important to your family and your friends. If something bad were to happen to you, your family and friends have your back.
Life is about spending time together, with your friends, your family and other people that make you happy. Being together is so very important, because being with the people I care for and the people who care for me. My pets are my useful pets, my home wouldn’t be a home without them, they give me comfort and they are loving pets. A home isn’t a house, sometimes people get mixed up with a house. A house is a building, with walls and a floor, a home is all the people who care for you and the people who love you. That’s a home. Laughter is a wonderful feeling, it’s a feeling that brings joy to everyone, because they enjoy you laughing.
Home is about memories, bring back those days, those days when we were happy. Those days when we were young, those days with the people we love!
That’s a home to me.