Grade 6


What is home to me?

Home is where I live to love,
It’s where I can stand beyond and above.
A family, that I can see,
That are always there, for me.
Everyday is an adventure,
Home is where I get to venture,
in any any any way!
You may go mountain climbing,
or visit a beautiful emerald green lake.
You and your family, are always binding,
Love at home cannot be fake!
At home you do not need,
a light blue daisy seed.
Even not a purple glove,
all you need is love.
At home you don’t need to go rough, ‘over super high-tech stuff.
Your family and friends are there,
they are with you anywhere,
Home does not mean comfort,
home does not mean food.
Home can be but a simple fort,
you don’t need to force your mood.
Home is where you get to be,
complete with joy or full of glee.
Even with anger or fear,
you can choose your own path here,
Home can be anywhere,
and it doesn’t have to stay there.
Home can be a haunted house,
or it can be by the sea.
Your friend could be a tiny mouse,
and you can decide who you want to be.
Home can be up north,
or it can be left west.
There you can everyday move forth,
you can choose your home (if i can suggest)
Everybody has a home,
even a little gnome.