Grade 4

Stratford On

What is home to me

What is home to me
A home is always safe.
A home is where there are no secrets even when you try.
I get in fights with my siblings, but we are always on the same side.

Home is where you ́re never scared, together or alone.
When I am feeling sad, I have family by my side.

Not everyone has a home.
But everyone should.
People should feel these feelings.
Everyone should have a home, big or small, young or old.
Everyone should be able to say,
a house is where you live,
but a home is where the heart is.

Habitat for humanity can help.
They can give people homes.
They can give people a roof over their heads.
When I submit this poem it will raise awareness for the people who don’t have a home.
I am happy to be able to help this cause