Grade 5


What is Home?

What is home to me!..
A home is made out of bricks or ,Wood as hard as my love shall last ,The windows glass there to protect me from the creatures to the monsters outside at last they leave as it be becoming night , The eves and the chimney,the floors and the stucco roof , Where here is a doorway under the happiness and joy left for all!
Where there is a door and a roof with walls to protect me and window’s to see I call that a home.
What is a home to me I Lanya,Hazhar,Sabir as I do say a home is where your loved ones lay, A home is filled with happiness and joy ~A home must have a roof full of . A home must have wall windowed to protect you . A home must be for you to enjoy !
What is a home to me , I live in a habitat house,
I see my Family happy and joyful. As in the past 4 years we moved 5 times due to price, at my last house as we lived 6 months there. That day when they said there is a house available ! We all jumped in happiness and laughed in joy . 600 dollars lower filled in my heads I began to say once again Habitat I live in,
Our desperate needs for a new home came true. Habitat helped us now. I am helping them by writing this entry for them. Thank you Habitat thank you all , What is a home !
A home is Love and courage but that’s just a part , Home is A roof over your head ,not worrying what’s going on Financially. Home is somewhere you can relax and all the stress leaves you once you step on that dirty old doormat that says ‘Welcome” you enter your home with joy and feel happy , time to lay in joy with the only people that love you !
That’s what home means for me,