Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

What is Home

What is home
Home is where I feel confident
Its is where I watch my family grow
Home is where I feel safe
Home is where I feel loved
And cherished
My home is where I get up when I fall down
Home is where I bake cookies with my mom
I walk in my home feeling loved
Home is where we laugh and make memories
Home is where I laugh
Home is where I watch tv with my dad
Its where I learn
Home is where I make mistakes
Its where we make forts with my siblings
It’s where we eat at the table
Home is where me and my brother fight
Home is where I feel sad, happy, mad, loved and up set
Home is where we get hurt
Home is where I make marshmallows by the campfire
Its where I sleep at night
My home is beautiful no matter how big or how small it is,
Home should be the place you love no matter how many times you move, your home should be the people you are surrounded by that makes it complete. it’s not about how big it is or about the fancy lights it’s about being with family and friends that makes it so bright the place you make memories. My home is more than a roof and walls,
It’s the people in it that make it complete.