Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What Is Home?

Home is a place where the children grow,
Through the window the breeze will flow.
Grasping the door knob I go inside,
I go to the living room on the left side.
I see my brother playing around,
He’s laughing on the ground.
He’s just making a bunch of noise,
But boys will be boys.
Now I go to the kitchen,
My mom is throwing expired food in the trash bin.
I say hello, she says it back,
She’s wearing nice clothes that are black.
I see a lot of shoe pairs,
Then I go upstairs.
Each stair I climb,
Is another second of time.
This is where the heart is,
Where you can be yourself as it is.
You can be insecure,
But be secure and find that cure.
That cure is friends, family and loved ones.
It’s a place to feel comfortable
And be eligible.
Im finally upstairs,
After climbing all those stairs.
I see my dad, then I hug him,
I touch his hat brim.
Finally I’m in my room,
The world around me can finally resume.
Now I lay in bed,
Time to rest my head.
Goodnight world, See you tomorrow.