Grade 6

New Brunswick

What Is Home

Home can be somewhere that you can feel safe, comfortable, and thought about.

Home can be big or small home can be fun or not at all.

Home should be somewhere you feel you are able to let out all your emotions to all that can see.

Home should be somewhere you should always be welcome to be.

Home is a place you can be yourself; you can play games. But most of all you will always have a family.

Even if there not there they will assure you with comfort in its special ways.

But most of all something that is incredibly sad is some people do not have what we call home.

Everything that I have, a warm house, a cozy bed, food that will constantly be on my plate.

Therefore, I am very thankful for everything I have, even a little bit of water.

Something that should be heartwarming to all is that.

They charity that I am writing to named Habitat for Humanity is giving so much to people that have little.

Therefore, I have respect that others should have as well.

With all the water provided homes warm and is not freezing during winter.

This writing piece is not for me winning and I mean it.

This is to get out that Habitat for Humanity does so much to everybody.

Not just the poor.