Grade 5


What is HOME

A home is a shelter for you.

A place where you can be yourself.

A place where dreams happen.

Home is where you are loved.

Where you aren’t judged.

Where everyone is welcome.

A place for memories.

A place where you are cared for.

Where people make you smile and laugh.

A home is where you can express yourself.

A place where you belong, no matter what gender or race.

Where people believe in you.

Where people help you up when you’ve fallen down.

A place where it’s okay to make mistakes.

Where you learn things you didn’t know.

Home is where you grow and learn to love.

A place for you to be grateful.

Where you make new friends.

Where you live.

Where you’re safe,

And protected.

A place for YOU.

Everyone is lucky to have a home, including you.

So, let’s raise money so others can too!