Grade 6


What is Home?

Home may be a place you take for granted.
But what is home?
Is home somewhere you feel safe?
Is it a warm, cozy space?
Is home any shelter?
Or is home a place you love?
Does your home move around?
Or is it fixed to the ground?
Is home a place filled with strangers?
Or is it filled with people you love?
Is home in a building?
Or is it in a neighborhood?
Is a house a small place?
Or is it filled with space?
Is it messy and cluttered?
Or is it neat and organized?
Is home a place you are scared of?
Or is it where you can feel safe?

I think home is where you are welcomed
A place you belong.
Home is where you are loved, where you are accepted.
Home is somewhere you feel comfortable
Where you can laugh or cry.
Home is where you are surrounded by things you love
Where you have family and friends.
Home is the best.
Don’t forget.