Grade 6


What is Home?

What is ‘Home’?
Last night, I lay in bed, wondering. I had one thing on my mind, “What is Home?”

Lately, it’s been my everything. My social life, my favourite place to be, the one place I truly do feel safe. Home’s that one place in the entire world, where people make you feel you’ll be okay.

I look out the window every night, wondering if this will ever end.
But my sister comes up to me, gives me a hug. I know here, I have a friend.

Life’s only about the people in it, whether that be pets, children, or adults.
A home’s only meaning is life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t faults.

When I come home, I know we are well, we all talk to each other.
Sometimes there’s anger, but in the end, we’re always back together.

My home is a shield, it keeps me safe from hurtful words.
This isn’t the case for all, but they should be far from squawking birds.

Home can be anything- a barn, a hut, a mansion, a house.
Even if, that will mean, you will have to share with a mouse.

The house is just the shelter, but the home is so much more…

When I come home, I know my family is well, my parents are talking, my sister’s laughing.
Even if you are broken-spirited, you cannot help but smiling.

I discovered that pet care is scary, that rabbits, they can be sick.
But even when you find out they could die, you know their skin is thick.

They’ll pull through, with a grin on their face.
You know for them, life will always have space.

When I come home, I know they are well, I see scratches from rabbit’s claws.
I hear shaking cage doors, and when they jump, their very fluffy paws.

The world is scary, that’s for sure, but the world isn’t done.
Your home has your family, you’ll forever have love.

And no matter what, you know you’re all in it together.