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What is Home?

What Is Home
Safety, comfort, love and fear,
These are all felt when you enter here.
Through the door into the room you see a family sitting near,
They greet you with happiness, love and glee,
They make you feel happy, joyful and carefree,
Home to me is a place of happiness
A safe place to be happy not to weep,
Home isn’t a place with four walls and a roof,
To me that’s a house not a home. Home to me is a place of happiness. A place where comfort spreads like butter on
Home sounds like a warm fireplace, kids dancing around and a T.V. flicking on. Home is so loud, It’s like a roaring waterfall,
A garden outside and the sound of a ball bouncing fills the area with sound overtime,
Turn down, reject, refuse, squash. Being negative doesn’t lead to love. Be happy it’s a comforting place. Home could be anything really. Trust me, think of a place where you feel Happy,
Even if the place is old and abandoned it doesn’t matter it only matters if you feel happy. Home smells like fresh baked cookies out of the oven with some scented candles with a hint of flowers. A mug with some nice
hot tea.
What does your home look like and smell like? Go ahead, be creative and

confident, be happy, joyful and filled with glee,
don’t be a negative person, be a positive person. If your house is your home go ahead and enter the room. My point is that home could be anything, a place where you feel happy and lots of glee.