Grade 6


What is Home?

Home, a word usually defined as a place living beings live in for shelter. Home may sound simple, but it can be defined as deeper than just a living space. Home should feel more comfortable and cozy than any other place can, for you. When entering home there should be an immediate rush of relief that shifts into relaxation because you’re able to be yourself no matter how unusual you are in society’s eyes. Home is a place to heal too. From mental scars to physical scars, you can heal from assortments of illnesses, for instance getting the fever and resting in bed or spending alone time to recover from a panic attack. You may even heal by having a good night’s sleep from having an ardent day and becoming exhausted. Healing is a BIG part of home! Adventures and experiences alike, homes and storybooks are much similar. Positive experiences can happen at home, such as countless sleepovers with friends, cooking a new dish, or even reading a new book. Unfortunately with the positivity is the negativity, for example, hardships. Hardships can vary from all-nighters to study for tests and finishing projects, losing a dearly loved one, and financial problems, to name a few. All these experiences make you a wiser person no matter how content or regretful they are. Home also has a particular smell to it, it’s a smell that is unique to every single person. It’s a nostalgic smell that warms the soul like newly-baked cookies or a fresh floral scent. The smell can vary. Home is also a place to grow, both literally and metaphorically. Literally as in growing taller because parents would measure their child(ren)’s height on the wall every month or so to see if they’re growing. Metaphorically as in growing your maturity and shaping your own personality as an individual. Home is also a mark of where you are in your life. You first live with a guardian, then you might live on your own, and finally maybe with a significant other. The main point is that home is very important and is not just a living space and has to feel comfortable. I hope home becomes a bigger topic in society and is understood as more than a living space because home is a word that is so deep and is something so crucial to life.