Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What is home

Home is where I feel safe,it’s where my room is and where i sleep.home is not just a structure, it’s my family,my mom and dad,my sister and brother and even my cat. Home is something everybody should have, it’s something loving and caring. Home is somewhere you can go when you’re sad or mad.home is somewhere you can go when you’re lost but not just lost on the streets but lost in your mind.people at you home love and care for can always count on your home to be there because even if you move it will still feel like home because as i said before home is not a structure.home can be anything like your cat or dog maybe your cat is your home because when you are with them you fell safe and happy.home can be a structure but most of the time that structure is important because your family is in that structure but if your family was not in that structure you would not feel as safe or happy as you would be if your family was there.home is who your with not what your with.that is home.