Grade 6


What is Home?

Don’t you love relaxing in your bed with a warm and cozy blanket at home? What if you didn’t have a home, what a terrifying thought right? Over 35000 individuals in Canada and 150 million people in the world are homeless and don’t know just what home is. To me, I think every person has the right to be in a home and know what a home feels like. I think home is family, a place where you live, share your feelings and you get loved and respected. Also, it is a place where you can stay safe. You just know that when you go home you will be safe. A place where you have freedom. But we can’t forget that home is a place where you belong no matter who you are.

When I started this essay I said that home is family. That’s true though, in the time of cavemen their homes were caves not a modern smart house with a 52” TV. Cavemen still loved their cave. They had memories in it but that’s mainly because of their loving family. This is not only for cavemen, it is also for the many many animals we know. Living without a family is hard for any common man such as you and me. Don’t we?

Going outside at night it’s a little scary, don’t you think so. Not really for you? Then what about watching a thunderstorm over your head. Still not scary? Umm…. I know sleeping at night outside, not knowing if you will be safe the next day (doing this every day will surely give you the freaks). Homeless people face the toughest things. But at home, you feel safe with your mother’s arms surrounding you keeping you safe and warm. Home is for everyone.

Lastly, I said that you have freedom at home like no other place. At school or community centers, anything except home you have to do what they say. At home, you can do anything your awesome heart of your desires and at any second you want. Home is a place of freedom, a place where you can express yourself and not have to hide your feelings. Home is something that allows us to have the energy that is required in the real world.

Well, at last, we learned that home is not just a building where you live but it’s much more. It is a place that you spend time with family, feel your warm cozy mother’s arms surrounding you keeping you safe, and we can’t forget it a place where you have freedom letting you do as you want to. It’s not a church or any other things that were rude people say you don’t belong. It is home, you belong there no matter who you are.