Grade 4


What is Home?

What home means to me is a safe and comforting place to be,a place you feel good in,and you know you’ll always have your kin. Even though you might get sad it is not always that bad!!!

What is the difference between Home and House?

The meaning of Home : Home is a safe,warm and a loving place,Home is a place you feel most comfortable and a place you can truly be yourself. I wish that everyone could have a cosy home but unfortunately that is not how life works ,so we need to be grateful for all we have and know how lucky we are!!!

Dear heavenly father, please watch out for those in need, put your healing hands on them and let those people who are having a hard time know that you truly love them and are not afraid to show it. If you are having a hard time do not wait another second and start praying, he has always shined his love onto us and if I were you I would be most thankful. You are what he says you are , you are forgiven you are loved and you are a child of God.