Grade 5

British Columbia

What is Home?

What is Home?
At first when I moved onto this small property,
It was just old wood and filthy glass; a monstrosity. But I now see the true wonder it brings;
Whenever I’m in it I feel like a king.

Home is the mother of happiness and warmth,
The creator of memories and the heart of love.
Home is a companion, a welcoming soul.
Home always helps me achieve my goal.
She tucks me in every single night,
Leaving me joyful and without any fright.
Home is the person that chases nightmares away,
With its beautiful sense of safety every single day.

The aroma of birch wood floating in the air
Guides me to sleep without a care.
I know every day I can always rely
On this place where I have no need to be shy.

When strong winds are blowing and a dark storm is brewing,
My home is my shelter, it’s calm and renewing.
So many memories, I’ve bonded so well,
My home’s now a part of me, in every blood cell.

Outside on the grass is a little garden gnome,
Standing next to a mushroom with its red and white dome.
Guarding a place so close to my heart,
For this is the place I call home.