Grade 5


What Is Home?

To me home is a nice, warm, secure place that is in a safe neighbourhood and has clean water. I don’t have to worry about people breaking and entering. I have friendly neighbours who are kind to me. When I am walking, they always ask about my day or just say hi.

My home is a place where I cuddle up at my fireplace with my cats Nemo and Xena. A home means a safe place where family and friends can talk and just be themselves. When I am sad, my parents take care of me. A home is somewhere I can have a loving family and share the memories that make me feel happy.

Home is somewhere I can come home to and not worry about anything, just talk and express myself. I can just sit, talk and relax and have clean water, healthy food and be healthy. I have a swing and lots of toys to entertain me. When I am sad I can cuddle with one of my cats or my dog Hunter.

I can rely on my parents and brothers whenever I need them. My little brother and I spend 60 percent of our time playing around the house. If we did not have this safe and nice house I wouldn’t have half the memories I have. I think a home is a place where you share the best memories with the best people. Half of your life you spend in your house. I hope someone gets a home like mine.